About Us
NextGen Earth Labs (NGEL) is working towards a clean air future and pulls together innovative research solutions from a network of remote sensing scientists and air quality experts.

NGEL partners with civil societies, institutions, private and public sector,  and organizations to address air quality (AQ) challenges around the world. NGEL’s tools and services provide a decision support system to stakeholders and policymakers for making informed decisions on air quality.

Our Mission

NGEL’s mission is to empower the global community with science and research-based decision support solutions for creating a sustainable Earth with clean air, water and food.
Our Goal
Our goal is to measure, monitor, map, report and forecast air quality for achieving a clean-air future.
Our Approach
Measure it: 
NGEL pulls together data from satellites, ground observations and numerical models to understand how air quality changes over space and time.

Scale it: 
NGEL calibrates satellite observations with station level ground measurements to monitor and forecast air quality at multiple scales and resolutions.

Forecast it:
NGEL integrates historic satellite and ground measurements, advanced machine learning techniques and numerical model simulations to forecast particulate matter (PM2.5) air quality.

Deliver it:
NGEL delivers value-added data products in the form of maps, time series station level data and web-based analysis and visualization tools.